A' Rockin' my soul

by J. Kowalski & The Ghost Band

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DIY Country alt, Folk


released June 3, 2013

Written, recorded and mixed by Sergeant Kowalski

Artwork by A. Belanger



all rights reserved


J. Kowalski & The Ghost Band Montreal, Québec

Outlaw, alone, wreck. I do everything pretty much by myself. If you like boot stompin' whiskey drinkin' homemade music, you make my day, punk. If you don't, well, i'm gonna have to shoot you in the head and rape your corpse...

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Track Name: Sceptre, SK
Jumpin’ in the truck with a half-pound of grass
Cruisin’ to the West with a full tank of gas
Sixty pills hidden in the back of the trunk
We get a quarter-ounce of K from a worn out punk

We’re loaded and we’re packed up to hit the road
We’re gonna have a damn fun, we’re gonna get loud
And if the sheriff catch us and throw us in jail
Then we’re gonna sell the bus to pay the bail

Two weeks gettin’ drunk and raisin’ hell
Drugin’ and drivin’, with an awful smell
From the city to the Coast that’s a hell of a ride
So you gotta spend your money to live it wild

Rolling down the road for 2 days straight
Drivin’ through the plains that’s how we broke the belt
Headin up to town to make it fix
99 people here and they just don’t mix

And then we ended up in Sceptre by the side of the road
Where streets have no names and even children are old
Livin’ this dream of being one big family
If you marry your brother you get a chicken for free

If you get stuck in here do watcha gotta do
Smoke it in the dump and have a pill or two
Turn the radio on, sit on your John Deere
And have a sip of whiskey in Sceptre

And then we ended up in Sceptre a place that’s pretty neat
A shithole with the largest giant ear of wheat
Livin’ this dream of being one big family
If you marry your brother you get a chicken for free
Track Name: A' Rockin' my soul
I’m headin’ to nowhere with a banjo on my knees
And my heart is cryin’ like an old dead tree
My pockets are empty I ain’t got a dime
I am livin’ my hell I’ma doin’ my time

I’m gonna pick that 6-strings singin’ an old tune
Drinkin’ my wine underneath the Moon
‘cause I can’t chase down these memories of ya
Now I’m always sad Lord I wish I knew

Oh that little gal of mine she tore up my heart
And she left me here for I ain’t too smart
I’ma ride that train down to Louisiana
A-rockin’ my soul with these girls of Houma

Play that five-piece band, Oh play it loud
The only way to clear up that big black cloud
A strange wind is blowin’ from the West
Now I know my bones will never find no rest
Track Name: Ghosts
That’s when the night is falling down
And when the wind is blowin’ strong
When the leaves of the trees are screaming loud
Ghosts are yellin’ all night long

When I drink the last drips of my wine
When I stumble all around
When my body lay down on the ground
Ghosts are howlin’ with the hounds

When a sleepless night is on its way
And when a night is longer than a day
When all your memories are turnin’ grey
Ghosts are chasin’ me away

When I’m tired of thinking ‘bout your face
When I blindly seek you down in every place
When I’m feelin’ down and out of this rat race
Ghosts are speeding up their pace

Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts!
You cast a shadow by my side
Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts!
You cast a shadow by my side
Ghosts! Ghosts!
It holds me back through the fadin’ night

When I’m jugglin’ with ice and fire
When the smoke in the dark is gettin’ me higher
When the breath of the night is bringing the summer
Ghosts are gettin’ much stronger

When the thrill in my spine is runnin’ down
When my blood is floodin’ to another town
When my face is carved up with a frown
Ghosts will you leave me alone

When my bones are shakin’ like a fast freight train
And my tears are runnin’ like the pourin’ rain
When I’m standing here with my ball and chain
Ghosts you’re just fuckin’ up my brain

When my friends are dead as your love for me
And when I’m roaming wild and free
When I’m driftin’ away on a black sea
Ghosts I’m down on my hands and knees
Track Name: Alberta
Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long ?
Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long ?
Ain't had no loving
Since you've been gone

Alberta, Alberta,
Where'd you stay last night ?
Alberta, Alberta
Where'd you stay last night ?
Come home this morning
Clothes don't fit you right

Alberta, Alberta,
Girl, you're on my mind.
Alberta, Alberta,
Girl, you're on my mind.
Ain't had no loving
Such a great long time.

Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long ?
Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long ?
Ain't had no loving
Since you've been gone
Track Name: Nuclear War
I can see clearly the mess in my brain
‘cause I know I’m fucked up and I’m broke again
I’ma drink your soul if you get too close
For I’m a car bomb and I might explode
Don’t shoot me your bullshits I hate y’all
I just want to see the world burns and crushes down
Since you left me with all my broken parts
I might never love again and never be all right

You’re nothing than a ghost in the back of my head
But I always be the fury in your bed
I’m still crazy and I’m still bad
I’m still loaded and I’m still sad
I know I’ll always be on the losing end
But with the devil’s on the loose I can’t complain
I’ma grab that bottle of whiskey by the neck
You’re dealing my cards from the bottom of the deck

I’m a nuclear war, stumbling and drunk
A useless scum, another stinky punk
I’m your secret love, hush hush in your ear
Hangin’ out around your door, runnin’ in your tears

I’m a sick kid, I’m these lines on your finger
I’ve always been waitin’ for you to pull the trigger
You shot me dead, a bullet comes from Hell
My corpse down on the ground like a shotgun shell
So you buried me thousand miles away
I’ma rise from the dead and livin’it my way
Twenty four hours in a single day
Twenty four hours of pain and misery

You left me dry so I’m drinkin’ hard
With a nail in my heart I’m feelin’ bad
I guess I’m born this way, all messed up and down
So I’m gonna get proud and keep my crown
But if you do heal me with your pretty eyes
And if you shake my ground under a big black sky
Maybe we’re gonna burst into the flames
Maybe we’re gonna stay strong and die untamed

You’re a nuclear war, stumbling and drunk
A useless scum, another stinky punk
You’re my secret love, hush hush in my ear
Hangin’ out around my door, runnin’ in my tears
Track Name: I could never be the same
Well there ain’t nothing quite like
Havin’ you by my side
Walkin’ our boots down the road
But now you’re gone
And I miss that feelin’
Of two souls ramblin’
Waitin’ for a whistle in the night
And so I’m down on my knees
And I’m tryin’ to ease
The pain and sufferin’
That holds me back
The shivers through my bones
The strongest I’ve ever known
But with a bottle in my hand
I’m almost gone

Your smile has vanished so far
Looking for sand and gold
My eyes down in a whiskey jar
I’m goddamn cold
Down here it’s always too late
But I’m fightin’ my fate
‘cause you know
I could never be the same

Lord I’m feelin’ lonesome
Like a dog on his own
And I miss a place I can call home
But I guess it ain’t a shame
To roll by like a flame
Burnin’ hard is the way I live my life
And I’m tryin’ so hard
to keep myself on tracks
But sometimes you know I walk the line
So I’m gonna pack my things
Wash my tears down in a spring
Headin' up to a new town, here I come
Track Name: Can ya feel the Devil ?
Away we go
Fade in the night
Drinkin’ and smokin’ cause the Devil is back

He’s chasin’ me down
With a coat made of stars
Whistlin’ and blowing his tune in the dark

And a cold night
Is on its way
Dyin’ and drownin’ in a river of whiskey

Can you hear him moanin’
Sittin’ on my remains
Strugglin’ and strivin’
From the shores to the mountains
Can you feel him crawlin’
In the back of your bones
Howlin’ and yellin’
Since you leave me on my own

Away we go
In a dyin’ sun
Livin’ like tomorrow will never comes

The wind blows
In my dirty lil’ heart
Poison in my blood tearin’ me apart

And a storm is coming
A strong dark rain
Pouring my soul with a deep sad pain
Track Name: Banjo Song
Shackles on my hand and feet
Blasting on a 2-step beat
Playin’ loud and fast and strong
Where the hell did I get wrong

Drinkin’ hard to ease my pain
Misery, dirt and no complain
Runaway and lose my soul
Watch me rottin’ down a hole

Prancing with these quaint old shoes
Spillin’ my heart in the booze
Never try me, watch my eyes
They’re ain’t telling you no lies

I’m a sad boy and I miss ya
Lovin’ you the way I do
From the East to the West
Never gonna find no rest

Fightin’ demons in my head
Feelin’ like a livin’ dead
I’m ma rise from back to hell
Howlin’ one more Rebel Yell

I’m not fancy and I’m broke
One day I’m gonna damn my luck
I had so much wine but I can’t get drunk
Livin’ my life of a dirty punk
Track Name: Tryin' to get it over (Bluegrass version)
Alcohol, party hard, running free, never catch me
Loaded up, kiss your lips, kiss your tits, raise my fist
Loosin’ ya, pack my things, hit the ground and make you sing
Get the thrill, drivin’ fast, hammered back, overdrive
Lonesome, crazy shit, takin’ ya down my pit

Smokin’ weed, hangover, Dixie, tryin’ to get it over

Blowing wind, hurricane, old folks, insane
Drink and drive, at the bar, moonshine, lookin’ for a star
Shabby shoes, dirt and smoke, I ain’t telling ya no jokes
Fast trains, New Orleans, I’m goin’ burry down my sins
Love you so, fightin’ hard, waitin’ for another round

Looking for you all around, drowning tears in my glass
Beggin’ for the next round, falling down, kiss my ass
Watch your face, pretty face, and your doggone black eyes
Waitin’ fer the moment ‘til ya kick my ass